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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

May 9, 2018

Anthony and Dr. Issues dissect the God of Mischief, Loki! They also talk sibling rivalries, gender fluidity, and sing the Odd Couple theme. It's a good one, we promise.


  • Introduction
  • Infinity War discussion - SPOILER FREE (01:25)
  • Background on Loki (03:55)
    • First appeared in Timely Comics Venus #6 in 1949 as an exiled Olympian God
    • Familiar appearance debuted in Journey Into Mystery #85, October 1962, as Thor's enemy
    • Son of Laufey, felled ruler of the Frost Giants, adopted by Odin of Asgard
    • Raised alongside Odin's son Thor, but jealous because he's treated differently
    • Repeatedly tries to overthrow Asgard and/or defeat Thor
    • Instrumental in founding the Avengers as an enemy (08:25)
    • During "Acts of Vengeance" story, convinces other villains to attack heroes they're not typically associated with
    • Loki manipulates his spirit to control Lady Sif and becomes a woman
    • Torn apart by the Void and resurrected
    • Kid Loki becomes a street hustler
    • Joins Young Avengers, regains power and age through Wiccan's spell
    • Agent of Asgard - befriends Verity Wills who can tell when someone is lying
    • Survives the incursions of "Secret Wars"
    • Doesn't know what comes next (there's a door with a sign and everything!)
  • Issues (18:34)
    • Pathological liar
      • Pathological vs. compulsive liar
    • Sibling rivalry/jealousy of Thor (24:52)
    • Gender identity/sexuality (33:01)
      • Not gender identity disorder
  • Treatment
    • In-universe - ultimate family therapy (39:49)
      • Proof of progress
    • Out of universe (42:16)
      • Family therapy if possible
      • Journal of lies vs. truth
  • Couch skit (47:59)
  • Ending (50:07)
    • Next few episodes:
      • May 16 - Deadpool
      • May 23 - Booster Gold
      • May 30 - Mr. Freeze

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