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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

No new episode this week :(

Nov 10, 2019

Sorry folks, but Anthony's come down with a bit of a cold, so there will be no new episode this week. He should be good to go in time for the live appearance at Rogue Comics on Wednesday, though, so have no fear - you'll still have an opportunity to come out and meet Anthony & Doc! Also, here's our list of upcoming...

First ever live appearance!

Nov 4, 2019

Hey gang, we're super excited to announce our first ever live appearance! We're going to be at Rogue Comics on Wednesday, November 13th at 6:30! We'll be recording an episode, and looking to get some fan input while we do it. Plus there will be trivia and giveaways, and of course you can meet Anthony & Doc! So come...

And the winner is...

Sep 30, 2018

Thank you to everyone who voted in our first ever listener poll for our 10/3 episode. We're looking forward to analyzing the winner before the Walking Dead season 9 premiere. And who will Anthony & Dr. Issues be discussing...








THE GOVERNOR! With just over 47 percent of the votes cast, The Governor beat out...

First ever listener poll!

Sep 6, 2018

Hey everyone, we wanted to do something special for the Walking Dead Season 9 premiere next month. So for the first time ever, we're letting our listeners decide which character we tackle for the October 3rd episode! Your options are:

  • Rick Grimes
  • Negan
  • The Governor

So click on the form here and make your selection!...

Next week - THE RETURN!!!

Aug 30, 2018

So excited to announce that Capes on the Couch will officially return to invade your ear holes Wednesday, September 5th! We're so excited to come back, and we've got two BIG episodes lined up. First, to tie in with the premiere of Marvel's Iron Fist season 2, we'll be taking a look at Typhoid Mary! Before Alice Eve...