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We're Talking About Molecules... Maaaaaan!

Nov 15, 2018

Before I talk about anything relevant to Molecule Man, I'd like to say thank you to Stan Lee for allowing millions of shy little kids like me to become adults that never grow up. Many others have stated this better than I could, so I'll leave the topic there. R I P, and excelsior!

[Editor's note: The Molecule Man...

Halloween Candy Makes Me Ramble

Nov 2, 2018

Anthony didn't hold back his thoughts on Halloween during our discussion of Norman Osborn; he thinks it's stupid. I didn't want to derail us further (I failed), but I have carte blanche to say what I want on the blog! All Hollows Eve is meant to be a day of celebrating the darker side of spirituality. From a...

Lazarus Pits are NOT FDA Approved

Oct 25, 2018

During the podcast episode on Ra's Al Ghul, I talked a bit about the changes someone may go through as they age. I gave dramatic examples such as strokes, physical injuries, and dementia. But those changes don't happen to everyone. Father time drifts in curves, not acute angles. There are subtle transitions that...

This is Why Vandal Savage is Not a Motivational Speaker

Oct 18, 2018

There's only so many hours in a day. You and I need a plan. We waste more time than we realize every day. Maybe we should write this down. Do you have a day planner? Journal? Calendar? A spare stone tablet? Good, because I think we can learn some serious time management skills from Mr. Savage.

Control Your Morning


I Hope Hank Henshaw Finds His Moment

Oct 12, 2018

I had a lighthearted post ready to go. Hank Henshaw was fun to write about. I scrapped it. DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE READ ANTHONY'S POST THIS WEEK. It's that important. He bared his soul. Be that as it may, I still have something to say about Henshaw. It's more intense, and terse, because I don't...