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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Negan Wants to Protect YOU from the Outbreak, and That's All You Need, Right?

Feb 18, 2019

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this. The discussion this week may not be comfortable, but I do consider it necessary for a healthy society. We talked about Negan, quite the character from The Walking Dead. He's crass, brutal, and somehow charming. If you've read the comic or seen the show, that much...

How to Handle the Chief... Any Chief!

Feb 9, 2019

We all have a chief in our lives. Probably several chiefs. I don't mean the comic character himself. I'm referring to the people that serve as managers, bosses, team captains...any leadership position that lends itself to a certain amount of decisions, delegations, and establishing goals/purpose. Be it Scott...

Black Manta Banter

Feb 2, 2019

That Black Manta episode was a mess. I'm sorry, but that's my true feeling. I don't mean that from a production standpoint (thought that can always be better), or a preparation standpoint (ditto), but there was so much irritability on my part. It couldn't be helped. For a character that I didn't grow up with, in a...

The One Fact that Gets You to Stop Smoking. Jameson Hates It!

Jan 29, 2019

As the clickbait title says, smoking is bad for you.

Thank you, I hope you have appreciated this helpful medical hint. Subscribe to Capes On the Couch today!





Oh, I need to say more? Well then, allow me to expound on what the heck to do once you've started smoking tobacco. J Jonah Jameson probably would not...

2019 Goals!

Jan 2, 2019

Hello all! Hope you had a stellar holiday and an amazing New Year party! (I'll try to keep it down for those of you still nursing hangovers...)

2018 was an amazing year for Doc and I personally and professionally for many reasons, but the most pertinent one here is starting this podcast! Doc and I had spoken for a few...